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When I was little, I always recalled the green NyQuil to be death flavored. It was on par with Robitussin in my category of "Medicines I Will Hide From". I have recently learned, that it is, in fact, licorice.


I mean, I don't like licorice, and it's still awful. But at this point in my life, it's really not as bad as some other things I've had. (Cheap vodka, I'm looking at you.)

Jan. 29th, 2009

Why can I never remember to post community posts to communities? Yeesh.

Also, the whole world got a snow day but us. Yes. The whole world.


And I also have new user pics. Yes, the everlasting default one is gone. And I realize now that I don't think I have it saved anywhere.

Double boo.
So I picked up a bag of "True North Almond Cranberry Vanilla Clusters" today. (Whew, mouthful.) And they are amazing. Like seriously, I tried one and ended up eating like half the bag amazing. But they appear to be seasonal, if the little snowflakes on the bag and the fact that the website doesn't have them are any indication. Which means next time I go to the store, they might not have them. Which means I will cry. And cry and cry and cry.

Seriously, though, they're damn good, Friendslist, so pick them up if you see them, and enjoy them, for they may shortly be gone.




I just saw a commercial for Crest mouthwash. "Without the burn of alcohol!"


I seriously tried that stuff awhile ago. I like using mouthwash, but I'm kinda a wuss about it. For me, the worst part of getting a tongue piercing was having to swish for forever and then use it after any time I ate anything. So I figured I would try this stuff.

So I did.

And then I went:


They say "without the burn of alcohol!" not because it doesn't burn, but because it's not the alcohol that's doing it. Some other godforsaken unknown chemical is making me feel like I am getting stabbed in the mouth with a gazillion little needles.

But, yanno, hey, at least it's not alcohol right?

On a completely different, but still mouth-related note. (Mind out of the gutter, people.) I think I finally figured out why I didn't like a certain kind of rice at a place some friends and I usually go to. It's chock full of cilantro. Which I didn't think I'd dislike, but apparently some people have a genetic quirk that makes it taste like soap. I believe I might be one of those people.
I had a dream last night someone punched me in the face. And all my teeth kept falling out. Until one side of my mouth had almost none, and it just kept spreading. I kept trying to find them all and have someone take me to a dentist. But they just kept ignoring me or getting freaked that I was sputtering blood at them.

Oh, and my school sent me my bill, explaining there had been a $310 tuition hike. And that 90% isn't actually even going to the school. Gov. Patterson is going to take it and funnel it into other shit. That's right, he's taking money from a system that has none to spare, and is basically applying a $620 a year tax to SUNY college students. (Because SURELY they're the ones in this state you should be taking money from.) Add this to his other stupidity, and I just want to know how the hell we can get him out of office NOW. I don't even want to wait for next election, I'm talking impeachment or something.

Yeah. So fuck crappy dreams, and fuck that guy.

Dec. 15th, 2008

Finals are almost done! Excitement! So much excitement I'm posting for two days in a row! It's that exciting! Exclamation point!

So those gamer friends on my list who don't already watch Zero Punctuation need to start. All sorts of funny. And yellow, lots of yellow. But if you like snark (and I know you do), I think you'll dig this. The archives were a huge timewaster for me when I first found them.

BTW, all the eggs died. Way to go people. Way. To. Go.

Dec. 14th, 2008

So I'm TRYING to procrastinate because its finals week, but for some reason the internet appears to be broken. It's not a connection issue, it's a "Why isn't this site working? Why can't I log in? I hope my account wasn't hacked. Why do I have pop-ups happening?"

If I didn't have a Mac, I'd think it was a virus. ::knocks wood:: But it's still super annoying.

Aaaaaannyway. So. Yes. Procrastinating.
School is at this weird point in the year where everything is really overwhelming. Teachers trying to cram in everything at the last minute, breaks making it so I have everything do at the same time. Add in the stuff I have to do for my degree and some various holiday stuff, and I have to admit, I haven't been having such a good time lately. A lot of "Wait, why am I here, again?"

But, nothing to do but power through it, I suppose. In about a month and a day, I'll be done for the semester, then I can deal with the holidays and a job that does not require hours of homework. Earn some money, be happy about the Inauguration, and then start all over again. Hopefully it'll be a little easier next time around.

I know I always say I'll try to avoid school bitching, but I guess I gotta vent somewhere.

It's easier knowing that I'll have a break soon, but for the moment, it's very overwhelming, and therefore very hard to actually get anything done to make it not so overwhelming.

Oh, and I've been seeing these everywhere, so I guess I'm sucked in now too. I put them on my profile after the first one ended up dying.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Cliiiiicccckkkk thhhheeeeeeemmm. You know you want to. OR THEY WILL DIE AND THEN WON'T YOU FEEL BAD.

Nov. 4th, 2008

I am supposed to be writing a paper that is due tomorrow morning but I am too nervous and excited.

Numbers looking right now like unless Cali, Washington and Oregon all went crazy while voting, it's just a matter of how much he wins by. ::knockswood::

I am making undignified squeaking noises at the prospect.
My life recently has been:


Ah well. At least it explains the irregularity of posts. My life isn't filled with tons of excitement, but honestly, I'm okay with that, most of the time.

Also, I am chilly and need to put on a hoodie. Hmm.

ETA: I glanced at my last post and would like to note that I was not, in fact, bitching about school. Or work, really. Just noting that they're what's taking up the majority of my life. So, yes. That doesn't count.
I was muddling through some old entries, and I have learned some stuff! And things! And stuff!

- I actually don't post that much. I was back in the old highschool posts pretty quick.
- On that note, oh, highschool. I worried about some dumb shit. And, yes, things were actually a lot simpler then. Ah, well.
- I talked/bitched about school. A lot. Like a lot a lot. I've taken note. No school bitching, at least for a while.

I hurt my ankle kinda bad yesterday, so I've been hobbling around. Luckily, we had a cane in the house. (Why did we have a cane in the house?)
You know, I really do use a redonk amount of creamer/milk and sugar in my coffee. It's a good thing I don't usually drink it at school, or I think I'd have about 20 of those little plastic tubs a cup.

...It's tastier this way, though.

Just so you know, I'm inthechair on GreatestJournal. If I can get an account over at JournalFen (Need a code, I think. Yeah, don't have one.) I'll likely get one of those too.

This is, of course, just in case. The one I have is blank right now, and I might just hang onto it or slowly work on it. I haven't decided yet. But if you're headed over there and want to friend it, that's where I'll be, if the time comes. The idea of totally moving and reestablishing seems overwhelming for me. (So if I don't add you back right away, don't take it personally. I'm likely not going to be using it much just yet, so I might not know I was friended.) For now, I guess it's just a place holder. For the time being, I'm still here. But. Just in case.

(And yes, "inthechair" like "October in the Chair". I love that one.)

For the record, people. Pedos? Bad. Weeding them out on the internet? Good. Going after fanfiction communities that write stories about fictional characters and deleting/suspending them as well as communities dedicated to novels and communities that are survivor discussion groups? Also bad. I mean, I understand why LJ is doing what they're doing, kinda, I just wish they would actually look at the groups and recognize the difference.

Eh. I sent off an e-mail to some mods of some communities I'm in who haven't seem to have heard of it yet. Watch I got the addresses wrong and now I'm taken away by the men in black vans. Or I have people watching my internet activities. Oh noes! They'll know I look at slash! And shoes! Teh horr0rz. (Seriously. I usually am so very much not a shoe girl but these past two days I realized I needed a new pair so I've been stalking Amazon.com like crazy.)

It really reminds me of the whole FF.Net debacle. Which makes me feel like an old fandom hag. (As does the fact that I can remember back to when LJ was open to anyone, then you needed a code, now it's open again. Dear lordy I feel old. And I'm not even old enough to drink!) Which is silly, since I'm younger than a lot of people in my fandoms. I guess my mind was corrupted extra early. At any rate, I guess now I've earned the right to yell at people to get off my lawn.

Hopefully it'll all blow over soon. It usually does. (Except when it doesn't.)
It has come to my attention that I haven't updated since last year. The shame! Oh the shame!

Probably no updating since there's not much going on. The new semester is in full swing, but the class load is lighter than usual, so I've been looking for a (nother) job. Yes, that'll be two. Because my broke ass needs to fund my own education. And I'm transferring to a more expensive (and better and has my major) school. Not the way more expensive one I orignally wanted, because not only am I broke, I don't want to go somewhere where the classes have literally hundreds of students. Maybe when I'm not an undergrad. But I thought about it a lot, and decided, no, I don't think I want a school that big. But I got into said school, (and my backup) so I'm happy. Wheeee. It's close enough to commute, but I have to decide if that's something I want to do.

I am, however, dreading the math courses I know I'll have to take. Because I like science. Boo.

It's finally warming up, and it's putting me in a good mood. Next weekend is supposed to be cold, though. I guess I'll just stay inside and play Wii. catch up on some work. Who am I kidding? I'll totally be playing Wii all weekend.

Anyways. That is my "hey I'm alive!" update. I know it's not interesting. I have no interesting tidbits. My mind is a blank. (Except for every few seconds when it goes "Hee! I smell good!" I just put on lotion and I smell delicious. Heeeee. Mock not my simple pleasures, you bastards.)

Dish: So, uh, yeah, it turns out the networks are being dicks. Afraid you're losing your network channels.
Me: WTF? WHY?!
Dish: Honestly? No fucking idea, man. Congress said it was okay.
Dish: ...right. Anyway, you can try an antenna, cable, or this other provider in conjunction with us.
Other provider: Um, we can only get you NBC.
Me: All I watch on NBC is Law and Order:SVU. There's like, five other channels for that.
Other provider: Uh, yes, we're aware of that. Sorry.
Cable: We don't provide service in your area. Neener neener. Why do you think your sorry ass is still on 56k?
Antenna: Static!

Yeah, so no idea what to do. Apparently they networks don't want me to watch them. I have NO idea why. Bah.

Sep. 12th, 2006

Should you people really expect anything resembling a timely entry from me anymore? I think not.

Not much to report, anyway. Constantly busy, it seems, what with classes and work and friends. Not so much in the "Eesh, I'm never home" sense as in the "Dammit, I always have something I have to do". The latter, note, is not really meant in a good way. But I'll survive. I think I'm just still re-adjusting. And I don't mind classes so much as the work I have to do outside of them. At least work, when I'm done for they day, I'm done, yanno? I just wish I had more time to get stuff done. Not-enough-hours-in-the-day syndrome. (Definately need more allotted for sleep, at least.)

Oh, and the kitten keeps biting my feet. Stop that!

Also, it is getting cold here crazy early. I do not approve. I mean, I like fall, but this just seems like it's foreshadowing how horrible this winter will be. I hope not.
Oh man, it's been forever since I updated. Shame upon my head.

I realised today that it's been almost a year since I got my tattoo. I wonder if the Red Cross will start calling me up again next month. (Not that I mind donating blood. I think that's why they called me so much. I always said yes.)

Of course, I'm itching for another one. Have been since, um, pretty much when the first was healed. But I still have to figure out exactly what I want/design it/figure out exactly where I want it. And I heard the artist I normally go to might be moving out of the shop to go form his own. I hope my peircer's still there, 'cause he's awesome.

May. 15th, 2006

I know I haven't updated in awhile. But here's a months-old internet meme! Why? Because it made me giggle a bit. And it also made me a little scared.

Messing with the iGodCollapse )
I almost forgot. I was watching tv the other day, and a commercial came on for TBS and the LotR movies they'd be playing over Easter weekend. And those commercials? Pretty much the best things ever.

Picture it: Scenes like Sam's "Mr. Frodo's not going anywhere without me!", Frodo's "I'm glad you're with me, Sam." And playing in the background? The song "Secret Lovers".

Oh TBS, now I don't just think of you as "That channel that re-runs crappy sitcoms all the time". Now you rank amongst the awesome. Not very high amongst the awesome, as there are many things that rock far more, (FMA, kneesocks, KH2, ramen, etc.) but you're still on there. Whee.